Concessional Financing Facility

Global Concessional Financing Facility (GCFF)

There are currently about 20 million refugees across the globe, representing the most significant refugee crisis since World War II, with about 6 million in middle-income countries. Refugee crises represent major economic and social shocks and incur significant costs to host countries who are providing a global public good. Middle-income countries do not have access to multilateral development financing at the same levels of concessionality as lower-income countries, and most host countries do not deem it feasible to take on additional debt or use scarce development resources for non-nationals. The GCFF provides development support on concessional terms to middle income countries impacted by refugee crises. The World Bank has established a FIF to support the GCFF, and provides both Trustee and Secretariat services, in addition to serving as one of the Implementation Support Agencies. Fund Website »


​Periodic Reports

Periodic reports contain an array of fund-specific financial information.