Trustee Services - What we do
As Trustee, the World Bank provides a set of agreed financial services for all FIFs that involve receiving, holding and investing contributed funds, and transferring them when instructed by the FIF governing body. Under some FIFs, the Bank also provides customized treasury management or other agreed financial services; some examples include bond issuance, hedging intermediation and monetization of carbon credits. The Bank also performs the following roles for all FIFs: accounting, reporting, financial and fiduciary management, and the adherence to established procedures and internal controls. 

FIF Trusteeship does not involve overseeing or supervising the use of funds. This is the role of other implementing agencies that receive funding and are responsible for project or program implementation. Transfers are generally made by the Trustee to external agencies for the implementation of activities. In the case of FIFs whose governing bodies have the legal and other required capacities to take on responsibility for the use of funds, the Bank transfer funds received from donors directly to multiple third party entities, usually in recipient counties, based on instructions from and on behalf of the governing body. 

In addition to its trustee role, the Bank may be involved in the various capacities:
• implementing agency responsible for appraisal and/or supervision of projects or programs financed by the FIF; 
• providing secretariat services to the FIF; or 
• being a FIF donor.