Trustee Services - Who we are
​The World Bank's Multilateral Trusteeship and Innovative Financing (DFPTF) department is at the forefront of the bank's engagement in global funds and innovative financing initiatives. The Bank is currently Trustee for 22 Financial Intermediary Funds (FIFs).

FIFs are financial arrangements that typically leverage a variety of public and private resources in support of international initiatives, enabling the international community to provide a direct and coordinated response to global priorities. FIFs often involve innovative financing and governance arrangements as well as flexible designs which enable funds to be raised from multiple sources, both sovereign and private. Funds can be channeled in a coordinated manner to a range of recipients in the public and private sectors through a variety of arrangements. FIF structures are customized, depending on the needs of the partnership and agreements with the Bank.

Most FIFs support global programs often focused on the provision of global public goods; in particular, communicable diseases and responses to climate change. Recently established FIFs have aimed to address food security challenges and natural disasters.